Sound Pendulum

Sound Pendulum

A sound installation built around a large pendulum with seven steel spheres, electronics and seven loudspeakers.
The pendulum motion depends on the touch of the audience. It creates complex rhythmic patterns which repeat and gently transform until the pendulum stands still again.

The impulses between the spheres of the pendulum are tracked with contact microphones and translated into software triggers. The sound pendulum is a mechanical looper, a complex metronome which gradually morphs its patterns over time. The sounds are spatialized with seven loudspeakers, one for each sphere of the pendulum. The patterns are programmed in scales of pre-recorded samples in the computer and played live by the movement of the pendulum.

The sound pendulum can take on different site specific shapes. Please get in touch for bookings.

July 2021 (Premiere)
"Repetition is Change"
Heiderauschen Festival
Langhaus Uelzen

September 2023
Klang Moor Schopfe Festival
Gais, Switzerland

Credits: Metal works by Christoph Gunsenheimer. Electronics by Elektrobuero. Software add-ons by Leo Hofmann. Production support by Musikschule Uelzen/ Daniel Orthey.