Risotto bei Otto is a monthly dinner event which I host in a pop-up restaurant in Hamburg since 2016. Five to seven courses, two of which are risotti, and the wine pairings are included. I import the rice directly from Italy, make all stocks myself and have about 50 different risotti in my favourites list. The dinner can be booked for up to 10 people (65€/person). I also offer risotto caterings for up to 70 people. Message me here for bookings.

A good part of my life is dedicated to making the perfect risotto. What makes risotto so special is that it's probably the most under-estimated dish in Italian cuisine, and it's rarely offered in restaurants at a good quality. Making it requires a good timing, and in that sense it's maybe not too far from making music. Cooking a risotto has also been part of the choreography "Let it Hum" (2016) where the timing of the procedure conducts the entire performance.

Risotto al forno, with salmon and aubergine
Pea-Saffron Risotto with Grilled Aubergine and Gremolata
old school
Making a special beer-risotto for 80 people at Kunstverein Hamburg
Let it Hum, 2016