A good part of my life is dedicated to making the perfect risotto. What makes risotto so special is that it's probably the most under-estimated dish in Italian cuisine, and it's rarely offered in restaurants at a good quality. Making it requires a good timing, and in that sense it's maybe not too far from making music. Cooking a risotto has also been part of the choreography "Let it Hum" (2016) where the timing of the procedure conducts the entire performance.

I offer seven-course dinners in the non-official setting of a pop-up restaurant which my friends call "Risotto bei Otto" (message me for details).

Risotto al forno, with salmon and aubergine
Pea-Saffron Risotto with Grilled Aubergine and Gremolata
old school
Making a special beer-risotto for 80 people at Kunstverein Hamburg
Let it Hum, 2016