Leo Hofmann & Andi Otto:


Audiovisual performance
German, English, Japanese
Premiered at ZKM Karlsruhe
Created during a residency at ZKM in Nov. 2014

30 min

The performers are situated at a table behind a motorized venetian blind. Throughout the piece, the mechanics to open and close its slats are operated by remote control. A camera captures the duo’s actions on the table from above and projects the image onto the blind in real time. The transparency of this moving projection screen generates a polyphony of simultaneous perspectives: double images with vibrant feedback elements between camera and projection and room-filling reflections of the slats, suggestive of Northern Lights.

A video tutorial by the American locksmith Ron Reed serves as the conceptual starting point of the first collaboration between composer-performers Leo Hofmann and Andi Otto. In his instructions on how to pick a lock, Reed is less concerned with the mastery of technique than with a live dialogue between hardware and intuition. Hofmann and Otto apply his idea of a lock as a black box that must be sensitively cracked to their musical interfaces: for years, both have been using gestural controllers of their own making in developing individual interpretation practices for their electronic music.

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