Learning Feminism From Rwanda (2020)

Fear and Fever (2019)

Falling Matters (2019)

Planet Kigali (2018)

Victoria Hauke & Andi Otto: Let It Hum (Dance/ Live Music/ Risotto)

Leo Hofmann & Andi Otto: Pachinko Playalong

Flinnworks: Songs Of The T-Shirt

Flinnworks: The Power Play


Since 2003 I've worked as a freelance composer for theatre and dance productions, in which I sometimes also appear as a performer. I find working in teams to be a great counterpart to my activities as a studio composer and solo performer. Working in a creative process with actors, writers, dancers  and choreograophers delivers results which are different from the outcome of a musicians-only process.

Flinnworks: Shilpa - The Indian Singer App

Flinnworks: Krishna's Elite

Victorie Hauke: ... And then I Wake Up (Dance)

Victoria Hauke: Visions of Ian Waterman (Dance)

Flinnworks: Das A-Casting

Theater Krefeld: Indien Jetzt

STEIM: An Osmotic Evening

More productions for which I have composed the music:

  • “GOÒN” (Kampnagel Hamburg 2015). K3 Tanzplan Hamburg. Choreography by Victoria Hauke with young dancers
  • “Befreier Fall” (Kampnagel, Hamburg 2012). Dance Performance by Philip v.d. Heijden
  • “Fluid Acts Of Deviation” (Fleetstreet Hamburg, 2010). Dance performance by Victoria Hauke and Philip v.d. Heijden
  • “T.I.M.E” (City Museum Skopje (MK), 2010). Live music for a dance performance with the Collective “Lokomotiva”
  • “Super-Imposing” (Kampnagel, Hamburg, 2008). Live music for a dance performance by Victoria Hauke and Stefan Dreher
  • “Edgar Wibeau” (Kampnagel, Hamburg, 2005), Theatre play directed by Julius Seyfarth
  • “Bad Hotel” (Gessnerallee, Zürich (CH), 2003) theatre directed by Mathias Kaschig
  •  “Ach ja, nein wirklich” (Staatstheater, Stuttgart, 2003), as assistant composer to Biber Gullatz. Theatre play directed by Stephan Kimmig

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