Playing the bells in Pyrgos, Santorini (Kinisi Festival 2015)
Recording the bell in Kurama, Japan

Andi Otto is a Hamburg-based sound artist, composer and performer. His work centres on the exploration of experimental human-machine interfaces in electronic music: As an artist, he performs with his self-developed sensor bow "Fello", which transforms his cello bow into a gestural sound device. He also builds interactive sound installations and creates real-time sound design settings for dance and theatre performances. As an academic, he has researched the pioneering role of sensor instruments developed at STEIM in Amsterdam in the 1980s. His dissertation "Dutch Touch" is going to be published by Goldsmiths Press. Andi Otto is a lecturer in the Sound Arts department at the HKB in Bern and co-founder of the record label Pingipung, where he releases music by artists such as Anadol, Umeko Ando and Marie Klock. He has released six solo albums on international labels, tours worldwide and performs in duo projects with MD Pallavi and F.S.Blumm.


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